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"Stunning close-up photographs"  Daily Telegraph

"Fascinating photography and good design - one of the publisher's best"  American Scientist

"Though diminutive, their impact on ocean health is monumental - dramatic photographs"  Wall Street Journal

"An exceptional gift for anyone who loves or is drawn to the sea"


ABOUT Ocean Drifters


Just beneath the ocean's surface lies a hidden microcosm of life: the complex and alien world of plankton. Ocean Difters, a secret world beneth the waves, combines amazing, high-magnification images with an engaging text to reveal the strange beauty and variety of the tiny creatures that float freely near the sunlit sea surface. From here, the plankton underpin the whole marine food chain, help to provide the planet with oxygen, and play an essential role in the global carbon cycle.


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Richard Kirby loves plankton as only a marine biologist can. Fortunately, he is also a master plankton portraitist. It's a celebration of magnificent diversity at the microscopic level. Natural History Magazine


An excellent addition to school libraries, regardless of the age of the students, and will hopefully raise awareness of the ocean's fragile ecosystems. Publishers Weekly


Kirby gives a close look at plankton diversity in Ocean Drifters. Along with 150 high-magnification photographs, Kirby's book explains how rising sea surface temperatures due to anthropogenic climate change will alter the sea's food web and the ecology of Earth. Scientific American


A series of highly magnified photographs that reveal not only the truly alien nature of many planktonic species but also their beauty. Bright and clear images are paired with explanations of what species is pictured and facts about its lifestyle. Booklist


Not only does this book give you exquisite detail through high magnification photography, the author tells each story with a surprise. And I love surprises! Quarterly Review of Biology